We are interested in helping coaches and parents understand the rules of the game. It just makes the game that much more fun. Listed are some interpretations of the laws as we won’t duplicate all the rules from the FIFA Laws already available online; but we want to help make the rules more understandable and clear in shorter form where clarity is needed.

Coaches Training

Coaches Training

Laws of the Game

Law 11 – offside

One of the most controversial laws of the game is Law 11 – offside. There are a few links that help calm the most of us through research and learning of this rule. Here are some links:

  • This link from FIFA provides a brief overview, description, and set of slides with pictures to understand the rule
  • An article link from FIFA as a Flash presentation video
  • A simple approach to teaching the offside
  • A very simple instruction on offside

There are many links, but just as in any learning situation, people learn from different methods, long descriptions and many details, to videos, to simple instructions. Plus some people that teach the ruling, their manner of describing could be just the right way to teach for some people over others.

Some people commonly refer to the official FIFA Offside test (which is not for public use) is to reinforce “If in doubt, keep the flag down!”

The decision of offside happens at the time the ball is kicked, this is the “snapshot” to determine the decision.

The arms and hands are not part of the decision to in an offside call. This means that the head, body, and feet are included in the decision.

If a player is in the offside position when the ball is kicked as a shot on goal and the player isn’t active in the play, that player is not offside. However if the ball deflects off the goalie, posts, or another player, and that player becomes active in the play, they are then to be called offside. Not because of the deflection itself, but because that player started in the the offside position when the play started.

The offside ruling will be adjusting this season by FIFA. The the link here. It either clarifies, or makes more confusing how to judge the position of the players in offside position or in an advantage position.