Laws of the Game – League Interpretations

One objective of the league is to follow the Laws of the Game as closely to the FIFA specifications with very little variation. We do not eliminate any Law, but there will be slight variations that will suit purposes of our league. This page will provide the general laws and the slight variations. If there is any mis-understanding of a law or a rule-of-thumb to follow, we will yield strictly to the FIFA Laws.

The primary purpose is to have fun … and to ensure the best possible experience the league promotes safety and sportsmanship, first and foremost. These purposes should always be in mind when interpreting the Laws of the Game. Variations cater to age groups and recreational type of play.

All levels of players are invited from beginning to advanced; we encourage advanced players to seek experience in competition leagues. It is asked that parents and coaches focus on training for beginner to intermediate level of play and coaching.

Laws of the Game according to FIFA are listed here and we indicate an * when we have adjusted the law.