Referee Training

Welcome to the West United Soccer Referee Training series.

  • The next referee training class will be announced before the beginning of the Fall 2017 season. We are currently working out details for coach and referee training with RSL to provide more targeted training for all interested parties.

We are interested in teaching youth (and adults) about refereeing. In our years of experience, the youth that learn more about the game, generally in the area of refereeing, we see a marked improvement in their personal play style, techniques, and all around play and understanding of the game. So, we encourage them to attend the training and participate in the refereeing of games throughout the year. The parents and coaches also find themselves more relaxed and having more fun when they understand more about the game. Seeing what’s happening on the field and are more encouraging of the referees and players because of the greater knowledge.

This also helps the culture and sportsmanship on and off the field. It offers a sense of being able to be out on the field and enjoying themselves instead of being frustrated about why something is not going the way they “think” it should, when that “thinking” is short on understanding.

The following links will take someone through out referee training and the highlights that help make our referees the best. We have a great program, and over the years, this is where it has flourished. We are willing to say (for those extra readers), if you are having trouble with the game, your league, the overall functioning? Take a look at the refereeing. We improved ours and it improved the entire league down to every player and person.

We will be expanding on these topics more in the upcoming season.

  • What to expect
  • The referee
  • The field
  • The rules (summary)
  • The coaches, parents, and spectators
  • Dealing with issues