Meet our amazing board.

We have a great group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience on our board. Each one brings a different perspective to the table and we’re so happy they’ve volunteered to share their love of soccer with all the players at the West United Youth Soccer League!

Executive Board

Jennifer Callister


Jennifer has been with West United since her daughter started playing in 2012. She started painting fields for the league in 2014, then she moved to being registrar in 2018 and in 2021 she was voted in as the President of West United Soccer. In between she has fulfilled various roles such as age group coordinator and secretary. Jennifer has been a coach off and on since she coached her sister’s team back in 2004. Her favorite thing is to be cheering her six children while they play for West United soccer. She is enthusiastic and is here to help with anything you need!

Jacob Andersen

Vice President

Jacob is an avid sports fan and has loved coaching his children with West United for over 10 years. He started out with PR/Social Media then as a Registrar and has recently returned to the board to provide support to the league, the board and all of it’s members. Jacob finds great joy in being on the field with his kids and learning together the art of the game.

Kyle Chapman

Director of Coaching

Kyle has been with West United for the last seven years. Of those seven he has coached six years with multiple teams. He has also served as an age group coordinator for one season. He has been the director of coaching for the last two seasons. He and his wife have been married for 19 years and have four wonderful children who all participate with West United. In his free time he is the lead singer and lead guitar player for the local band Justified Panic.

Scott Layton


Scott’s children started playing for the West United Soccer League back in 2017 and he was elected as the League treasurer in 2018. He has helped as an assistant coach for a couple of teams, and periodically helped referee League games. In 2019 he was tasked to help organize and draft updated League policies and procedures.

Dave Rasmussen


Dave started helping West United Soccer way back in 1994. He has been a player, referee, coach, referee coordinator and now Registrar. He started reffing in 1997 as a certified assistant referee doing U12-16 games.  If you ever have questions/suggestions about Registration, let Dave know.

Holly Knowlden


This is Holly’s second year with West United. She grew up playing soccer with her brothers in the backyard and her kids enjoy playing at West United. She loves taking photos and finds it a personal challenge to get the perfect action shot as well as posting as many different players as she can. She shares photos on social media and posts other pertinent information.

Board Members

Dave Albertsen

Referee Coordinator

Dave brings with him 2 years coaching experience. This year will be his 2nd taking on the responsibility of making sure our games are officiated. If you have any questions about the rules, or know anyone interested in being a referee let Dave know!

Dave is a US Soccer Licensed Referee
US Soccer Licenses

Ammon Lockwood


Ammon has been involved with West United since 2015 when he first started as a coach. He’s been coaching every year since then. He’s previously served as a Referee Coordinator.

Ammon is a US Soccer Grassroots 4v4 and 7v7 licensed coach.
US Soccer Coaching Licenses

Angie Jowers

Field & Equipment Coordinator

Angie has been with West United for 2 years. The first year she coached her daughter’s team, then elected to be in charge of equipment and setting up and taking down nets each game day. Her two youngest children love to play soccer and she enjoys spending Saturdays with her husband watching them play.

Open Positions

If you’re interested in filling any of these positions, fill out this form.

Age Group Coordinators (All Ages)– Find coaches for the age group you are over.  
– Put teams together prior to the Fall season and throughout Fall/Spring season as players are added to your age group, utilizing the procedures set forth by the league. 
– Communicate in a positive, effective and clear manner with coaches, parents and board members.  
– Attend all games for the age group you are assigned to.  
– Attend monthly Board meetings.  
– Assist with field set up as needed.
Field and Equipment Coordinator– Coordinate weekly field set up with all service scholarship positions.  
– Pick up and deliver all necessary equipment to the field for weekly field set up. 
– Coordinate equipment for field painting. 
– Assist with field set up weekly on Fridays and Saturdays.  
– Attends monthly board meetings.  
– Inventory and maintain all equipment needed for each age group.  
– Put together Coach Equipment bags prior to the Fall season.  
– Sign in/sign out equipment to coaches.  
– Communicate with age group coordinators regarding equipment needs for their coaches throughout the season. 
– Coordinates equipment replacement with league president and treasurer. 
– Maintains and organizes league storage unit. 
– Attends monthly board meetings.  
– Communicate in a positive, effective and clear manner to board members, coaches and parents.
Field Painter– Paint all assigned fields WEEKLY prior to Saturday games.
Nets– Assist with setting up nets WEEKLY for Fall and Spring Seasons (Saturday Mornings).