Cleats have no toe spike. Shorter cleats allow player to stay closer to the ground and keep balance. This helps to prevent injury to other players during higher kicks if the foot leaves the ground.
Flexible leather means more durability since many players will use their toe to kick the ball. Also gives a better sense of touch for greater ball control.
Lighter to make it easier for running all game

Football or Baseball

Have an extra spike on the toe. Helps players to get extra leverage when jumping, blocking and sprinting.
Higher on the ankle. Baseball is usually lower than football to allow more side to side movement when using bases for leverage. Football is higher to provide extra ankle support
Heavier. Players don’t have to run as much

Ever wonder why the referee always makes the players raise their feet at the start of the match during team checks?

Soccer referees will not allow players to play soccer while wearing Baseball or Football Cleats. This is a safety reason. During a soccer game when players are kicking the ball the feet can come pretty high off the ground and the toe spike is an accident waiting to happen.