Fall Schedules are set, let the games begin!

The season is nearly 1 week away. Dave took all the referees through the training to get them ready for fall season. Kyle just had his coaches training. We’re ready and we hope you are too!

The fall schedules are ready for you to download and share!

Click here to see the full schedules

First Games – 08/21/2021

Age GroupTimeHome TeamVisitor TeamField
U4/510:30 AMTuttLayton3A
U6/79:00 AMFigueroaCarlson3A
U6/79:00 AMLockwoodSpring3B
U8/910:30 AMLockwoodDickison4
U8/9No GameSoto
U10/119:00 AMAndersonKrueger4
U10/11No GameKalisa
U12-149:00 AMCallisterAlbertsen1
U12-149:00 AMDiazPalmer2
U15-1810:30 AMHS Mix 1HS Mix 22

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  1. Gary Nelson

    This webpage is almost non-helpful. There is no contact information or a general link for phone numbers or email addresses to address to certain things. Very poor job of website set up. I need to speak with someone regarding my oldest son and I cant get an email address or a phone number from this site in order to do that.

    1. Ammon Lockwood

      Gary thank you for the observation, you’re right that we didn’t have a contact page with information on how to communicate with us. I have added a contact page for you and future members of West United Soccer. If you haven’t been able to get your concern resolved, please use the contact form to get in touch. https://westunitedsoccer.org/contact/

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